Does everyone have to fight for Love?
Or can you sometimes find 'Love on a Plate?
Seven very different people are about to find out. Gathered together for a weekly supermarket tasting panel, they are all at very different places in their lives. Sarah has worked in London for nine years but after her partner ran off with an Italian model she returned to her home town in the North East to get over a failed relationship.
Mark is local photographer, newly-widowed and struggling with getting back into the dating game.
Sally is a high-powered lawyer but after a divorce is looking for a new man in her life.
Jason has been concealing his sexuality from his wife Stacey.
And Aarshiya is just eighteen - but already being forced into an arranged man with an older man she cares nothing for.

Forced together on the tasting panel, the group form some unlikely friendships...and some complex romances.
It quickly turns out that some things are more important than whether the supermarket has ordered the right Christmas puddings?
Or are they?

Available on amazon for £2.99.


     Love on a Plate  

Author, Susan Willis, writes romantic suspense in Co-Durham


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