I am an author living in the North East of England surrounded by a big family and four very dear friends - writing is now the love of my life.  

I've been working with food for around 18 years now and writing short stories for six of these years. Why not marry the two together I thought in 2008 and headed off to Devon to do a one week residential food writing course. This was a turning point in my writing career and since then I've had non-fiction food articles published and a love/foodie short story published in a USA magazine.

This spurred me on to write another nine stories and make them into a collection, Champagne & Oysters, which you can have FREE if you enlist on my email subscription list *FOUND ON THE CONTACT PAGE*

In 2011 I wrote my debut novel, Yes Chef, No Chef and have successfully published this as an Ebook with Endeavour Press. Following this, I have written another five novella's. 'The Bake Off' novella, is also available as a PAPERBACK for those readers without kindles. 

In 2016 I ventured into more relationship based stories and wrote, Is He Having an Affair? And now, my 2019 novel, a romantic suspense novel set in Durham, is published. The Girl in the Dark http://amzn.to/2eAQZ1E  


At present I'm working on a family Saga, called, Me and My family. When I find a publisher it will hopefully be available soon...   


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  • http://twitter.com/@SusanWillis69
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