Author, Susan Willis, writes 'Food Lovers Romance in Co-Durham

Baking Love: A Cupcake Romance


Michelle has her hands full. With a teenage daughter to raise, an ex-husband to deal with and a bakery to run, she has no time to focus on herself.In fact for the last two years Michelle has put her heart and soul into her bakery and her new life and the business is going from strength to strength.Now it’s time to focus on Michelle.After two years of solid work, Michelle is determined to find time for love after meeting handsome stranger Gregg Davidson. Gregg is gorgeous, funny and seems to be completely smitten with her.So why does Michelle feel he is holding something back?Little does she know that Gregg has a secret that threatens not only their relationship but everything she has worked so hard to create.She is about to find out that making love is a lot more complicated than baking love. Can love conquer all? Or is Michelle heading for heartbreak?



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